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DateClass TopicAssignment or Discussion Link
19-Decfinish Canadian Bacon
18-DecContemporary Satire in FilmMichael Moore's Canadian Bacon
17-DecIn-Class Essay: Chekhov's Humor for Social Justice
16-DecIs Comedy Funny?"The Bet" as Comedy
15-DecChekhov descends deeper"the Bet"
12-DecClose Reading: Understanding "The Darling"
11-DecChekhov's darker side"The Darling"
10-DecIntro to Chekhov"A Slander"
9-DecLab: Researching the PreVictorian period and Swift's Context in "A Modest Proposal"Student-Generated Question Posters
8-DecMotivational Monday: ET - The Problem is AverageWhat 'opportunities' do you have?
5-DecLab: Researching the PreVictorian period and Swift's Context in "A Modest Proposal"Student-Generated Question Posters
4-DecBrainstorming Research Questions about "A Modest Proposal"
3-DecClose Reading and Questioning Strategies: "A Modest Proposal"
2-DecReading Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal"
1-DecHumor & Satire
26-NovHamlet Presentations
25-NovHamlet Projects Due
24-NovLibrary for Hamlet Projects
21-NovFinish Watching Hamlet
20-NovLab for Hamlet Projects
19-NovHamlet Act V
18-NovHamlet Act IV
17-NovHamlet Act III
14-NovFinish Hamlet Act II
13-NovRead Hamlet Act II
12-NovLab for Hamlet Writing Log 1
10-NovWatch Hamlet Act I
7-NovRead Hamlet Act I
6-NovRead Hamlet Act I
5-NovFinish Hamlet Notes
4-NovIntro to Hamlet: Notes
3-NovLab; Beowulf Essay
30-OctLab; Beowulf Essay
29-OctFinish Beowulf
28-OctComparing Beowulfs; Beowulf Boast
27-OctWatch Beowulf
24-OctShare; Beowulf
23-OctWatch Beowulf
22-OctRead Beowulf; part IPart II
21-OctWatch Beowulf
20-OctRead Beowulf; part I
17-OctSharing; Beowulf
16-OctIntro to Beowulf
15-OctAM: APPTOBER College Application Essay Due
14-OctIntro to "The Hero's Journey"
13-OctLab: College Application Essay
10-OctSharing: This I Believe
9-OctCollege Application Essay Peer Editing
8-OctCollective Storytelling: Using the elements of Narrative
7-OctLab - College Application Essay
6-OctNarrative, Catharsis, and Developing the College Essay
30-SepIntro to the College Essay
29-SepLab: Upload This I Believe Essay
26-SepSharing Literature that Impacts us
Writing our "This I Believe" Essays
25-SepThis I believe: Narrative vs. Transactive Writing
24-SepThis I believe: Defining the Personal Essay
23-SepThis I Believe: Belief Statement Posters
22-SepLab: Finding the College Essay
19-SepShare: Reading Student Work
18-SepIntro: This I Believe
17-Sep"Hills Like White Elephants," part 2
16-SepClose Reading Strategies: Signposts and "Hill Like White Elephants"
15-SepLab: Submit Character Assignment
12-SepShare: Reading Student Work; Work: Writing the Character Assignment
11-SepCharacter Inventory: Peer InterviewsCWP 2 - Character
10-SepLab: Submit Setting Assignment
9-SepPicture Day
8-SepIdentifying the elements of setting: "Story of an Hour"
5-SepAppelcline: Elements of StorytellingCWP 1 - Developing Setting
due 9/10
4-SepWhat is Senior English?.Syllabus
Classroom Norms
3-SepWriting is?

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