Junior English

Junior Binder Assignments

These items need to be in your English binder when I do the next grade check for CORE/Flex.
DateClass ActivityLink or Corresponding Discussion
9-SepReading isÂ….
10-SepClass Norms and ExpectationsSyllabus
Class Norms and Dept. Policies
11-SepWhat is the American Dream?American Dream Poster
Class-Generated Rubric
14-SepComputer Lab to set up
www.turnitin.com account
Who Embodies the American Dream?
15-SepCheck-out Friday Night Lights
Reading Journal Entry the first:
Five First Impressions of the book
EasyGrammar Day 1
16-SepReading and Work Day:
Read the Prologue & Ch1
Work on the American Dream Poster
17-SepPicture DayEasyGrammar Day 2
18-SepAmerican Dream Poster Presentations
21-SepELA Reading Benchmark
22-SepELA Reading Benchmark
23-SepDreaming of Heroes:
Who are the heroes of Friday Night Lights?
Friday Night Lights Reading Calendar
American Dreams in FNL paragraph
EasyGrammar Days 3 & 4
24-SepUnderstanding Context:
Symbols, Language, and Meaning
Blog on Language, Symbols, and Meaning
25-SepWork Day: Read, Reading Journal, and Paragraph
28-SepRherical Reading:
Understanding the Points of View of
the Author and the Audience
EasyGrammar Day 5 &6
Making Generalizations
Comparative Character Essay for FNL

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